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Backgammon Back Game Strategy

By N. Allan

Backgammon is a game where strategies may change more than once during the course of a game, for this reason flexibility is a necessity for all keen Backgammon players, the ability to realise a strategy is not working and make the necessary alterations are paramount to being a successful Backgammon player.

The strategy that I like and enjoy playing is the Back Game, not the most popular of strategies, because it means you are probably well behind in the game and need to hit your opponent to give yourself any chance of winning.

Before deciding to play the Back Game a number of things must be determined most importantly points in your opponent’s home board, if you hold two points then you are in a strong position, as long as your opponent moves faster than you. There is no profit in holding two points and then having to break them up because you throw high dice, therefore it is important to have one or two floating men that you can move into your own home board to make points, so that when the time comes and you hit your opponent it is difficult for them to enter.

This makes it all sound so easy but it is far from being the case any number of problems can arise, your opponent rolling incredible dice, you rolling dice that does not fit into your game plan (ie you are moving too quickly), and of course your opponent if he doesn’t decide to play along with your game, you could be well and truly Backgammoned.

When trying the Back Game initially it is always better to use small stake games or fixed price games because it is a complex strategy, and one that needs to be worked on to ensure you are adept at the most intriguing strategy Backgammon has to offer.

Finally when all looks lost and your opponent appears to be winning easily you must hold your nerve, and carry out your plan, there are times when it will fail miserably, but the sheer pleasure in winning a game that looked dead and buried is awesome.

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