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Backgammon Startegy and Examples

By H.Yakar Backgammon is a game that needs knowledge, experience and luck.
For example; you may know all about backgammon rules and developed many strategies; and still, a player more lucky than you, that knows nothing about playing backgammon, might play backgammon online against you and win.
Never forget that your first aim is to trust your luck.
You play with numbers on dice, so you have to determine your strategy with consideration of your rival’s strategy.
You have to make your attack possible with minimum risk. Sometimes (if you can trust your luck) you may choose other ways.

Let’s now find the names of the game board parts and playing pieces
(You can see all parts on pic file as step1.jpg)

Areas of backgammon board:
(1) Rival’s home
(2) Jump area 1
(3) Jump area 2
(4) Your home

Playing pieces:
(a) Prisoners
(b) Defenders and savers
(c) Tools for building your home
(d) Home pieces

You have to hold some areas with your pieces; these’re;
(X) Basic area of rival’s home
(Y) Hold rival’s escape place
(K) Basic area of your home
(Z) Hold yours escape place

You have to conquer those places, and you can win the rival easily trusting your luck. How do you do that? I gave you steps 2-8.jpg files. I already showed the directions.

Watch the game on the pictures! You can win if you believe you can. I made it my way and you can do it another way, assisted by the dice’s scores.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Be calm, you can easily escape.
Just believe!
If the rival hits you, you have a bigger chance to hit him.

Step 7

Don’t let your rival escape!

Step 8


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