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Backgammon Winning Strategies

In backgammon, winning is everything. Therefore, here is a selection of winning strategies, successful opening rolls and famed cube decisions.

Early Game Winning Strategies

In the beginning of backgammon game you should slot a lot, which means to put a checker where you really would like to make a point.

On opening rolls like 21 and 51, you should slot your own 5 point, also known as the golden point, because of its great importance and the 7 point, also known as the bar point because of its closeness to the bar. Do the same with your opponent’s 5 and bar points.

In opening rolls like 64, 63, 62, 23, 41 you should split your back checkers and bring one down from the midpoint. It is always important to split, so if your opponent will split you will have a double hit, plus you will be able to make an advanced anchor to avoid losing a gammon.

31, 42, 53 and 61 are very good opening rolls for you. With the first three, you can make a point in your own board, and with 61 you can make your bar point. If you roll 65, you can run all the way from the back with one checker, what makes it a very good combination of numbers as well…

When rolling 54, you either take two men down from the midpoint (if you need a gammon), or simply take one down and split from behind. 52 is a similar roll; you can either take two men down, or split from behind. Your decision depends on the importance of losing a gammon – if you are playing backgammon for money game, it does not matter which of the moves you choose.

Cube Decisions

One final thing about backgammon doubling: if you are being doubled, you should take it, if you think there is about 25% winning chances. Of course, this will be changed if you are playing a backgammon match and on whether you are in the lead or are trailing…

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