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Start playing at Play65™

Playing backgammon at Play65™ is fun and easy.
You can either choose to play backgammon online by joining an existing table, open a new one or participate in one of Play65™ backgammon tournaments.

Click to play backgammon!

Click to Play Backgammon!

Joining a game table

Double click the Play65™ icon on your desktop, and enter your login details.
Click on one of the “Join” buttons to join a game table.
Press the “V” button in the negotiation window.
The moment you and the other play65 backgammon player agree on your game terms, a new game will start.

Creating a new game table

Click the “Create A New Match” button.
Choose between single game/series of games.
Set the the game parameters.

  1. Other players will see your game at the lobby as a new line in the main list, with your username and a “Join” button.
  2. You will see a new line with a “Leave” button – press it if you wish to close this backgammon table (see pic. 1).
When one of the players chooses to join the game you created, the negotiation window will appear.
Press the “V” button at the negotiation window.
After both sides have agreed, a new game will start.

Playing the Backgammon Game

Backgammon game starts by determining which player will move first by rolling the dice.

Your player info box will always be on the left of the screen. It indicates the color you are playing with.

In this example, you play the white checkers (see picture).

The Arrow at the bottom of the screen helps in determining whose turn it is.
Move the checkers by dragging or clicking on them – when clicking on a chip, it will move with the higher available dice value. To move the lower dice value, drag the chip.
Upon completing your backgammon moves, the “Done” and “Undo” buttons will appear.
Click the “Done” button to confirm your moves, or click the “Undo” button to cancel your moves.
Click the “Resign” button if you wish to resign this backgammon game.
Roll your dice by clicking the “Roll” button or by the using the “Auto Roll” check box to roll the dice automatically upon your turn to play.
Click on the “Double” button, if you hold the doubling cube and wish to double the stake value.

Joing a backgammon tournament (Event tournament or Sit&Go tournament)

Click on the Tournaments tab.
Click a line in the Tournament list. Each line represents a specific backgammon tournament.

After clicking a line, you can see the tournament info in the “Additional Info” box.

Click “Enter Tournament Lobby” to view the tournament details.
Click on “Join Tournament” in the tournament lobby to Join it. (You can also click on “Enroll” in stage two).
When the tournament will start you will get a window notice, click on the “OK” button.