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Backgammon – Frequently Asked Questions

Backgammon online frequently asked questions and useful information about Play65™ including downloading installing our free internet backgammon software, logging in and security issues, real money backgammon games (Play65™ cashier info) and other gaming queries. General information about the online backgammon game you can find in our backgammon rules guide.

If you did not find an answer to your question(s) regarding Play65™ online backgammon room, please contact Play65™ support and your question(s) will be answered within 24 hours.

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Downloading and installing Play65™

Start playing online backgammon at Play65™

What do I need to do in order to start playing backgammon at Play65™?

To play online backgammon at Play65™, you will need to download and run our free software. You can easily do this by following our step-by-step guide – click backgammon software download or the ‘play for money’ homepage tab.

If you encounter any problems, please contact our support team at

System requirements for the Play65™ backgammon software

What are the optimal system requirements for running the Play65™ software?

The optimal requirements to run the Play65™ software as smoothly and uninterruptedly as possible are: Pentium 1.6GHz, 32 MB of hard disk space, 256 MB of RAM, running the Windows XP operating system. For the most enjoyable gaming experience set your screen resolution to 800X600 or higher and set the screen colors to High Color (16 bit) or more.
Our software does not support Windows versions older than XP or 2000.

Can the Play65™ software run on a Mac or Linux?

Can the Play65™ software run on a Mac or Linux?

Sorry, but at the present moment there are no Mac or Linux compatible Play65™ versions. However, we do have a online backgammon application, Flash based, so you can enjoy our Virtual Money mode there (Real money is available only through the regular software).

Error while connecting to server

What should I do if I receive an “Error while connecting to server, please check your internet connection or firewall settings” message?

If you are using a firewall or any other security/antivirus software on your PC such as ZoneAlarm or Norton, it might prevent Play65™ game software to connect to the game server. You will have to disable it. These applications will usually display in the icon tray (lower right corner of the screen, next to the clock). When the mouse is over an icon, a small message will appear with the name of the program. Right click on the icon and select either Disable or Exit.
Please also make sure that the time and date of your operating system’s clock are synchronized with your local time zone.
If you prefer not to disable your firewall, you can open ports 6100 – 6112 exclusively for Play65™ software, as described below:

    1. From the Start menu choose SettingsControl Panel.
    2. Click Windows Security CenterWindows Firewall.
    3. Enter the middle tab Exceptions and click the Add port… button.
    4. It should now open a new window with two empty fields. Choose a name for the server (so you can easily remember its purpose), enter 6100 in the Port field and mark TCP below.
    5. Repeat these actions for ports 6101 – 6112.

You also need to verify that your Windows account has administrator privileges (otherwise, you cannot install any software). Please try the following:

    1. Go to Control Panel and then User Accounts*.
    2. Click Add… and make a new user account.
    3. After naming your account, mark Other and assign administrator access.
    4. Restart your computer and log into the new admin account.
    5. Install Play65™.

*In case you cannot access the User Accounts feature, please contact your system administrator.

The Play65™ icon does not appear on desktop

I do not see the Play65™ icon on my desktop. How can I find it?

You can find our software on the list of installed programs by clicking Start, choosing All Programs, then Play65™ and Play65™ again. In case it is not there, please reinstall the Play65™ software.

Can’t update while program is open

I receive a “Can’t update while program is open” message – why does it occur and what should I do?

This may occur when you leave Play65™ running without logging off. When this occurs, simply restart your computer. You may also do the following:

    1. Click Ctrl+Alt+Del.
    2. From Task Manager press the Processes tab.
    3. Right click on the Play65™ .exe file and choose End Process Tree.
    4. Click Yes to confirm.

You will then be able to start the Play65™ backgammon software again by double clicking the Play65™ icon, which is located on your desktop.

The Play65™ backgammon software

Username or password incorrect

I received a “Username or password incorrect” message. What is wrong?

If you have forgotten your username or your password, click the Forgot your password? link within the game lobby.

If you are still unsuccessful in retrieving your password, please contact us at and send us your name and e-mail, under which you are registered with Play65™. Once your details are authenticated, you will receive a notification to your e-mail containing your username and your password. Make sure you are trying to log in to a game account, which was created and registered using Play65™ software and not any of the other versions, which might be distributed over the internet.

Blank cashier page

What should I do if upon clicking on the cashier icon in the lobby, all I receive is a blank page?

You must have cookies enabled in your web browser. To enable cookies and thus, have our web cashier operational, please follow these steps:

    1. Run Internet Explorer.
    2. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
    3. Click the Security tab.
    4. Make sure Internet is selected in the top box.
    5. Click on Custom Level.
    6. From Reset custom settings, select Medium and then click Reset. Click on Yes to confirm and then OK.
    7. Click on Default Level.
    8. Select the Privacy tab.
    9. Move the slider to the Medium level.
    10. Click Apply and then OK.

You should then be able to enter our web cashier.

Encountering technical difficulties while playing at Play65™

I have experienced a malfunction when playing at Play65™. How should I address the technical staff in regards to this matter?

This might happen when your computer system clashes with our software. Should you experience a technical problem of any kind, please contact our customer support team at right away and provide them with a short description of the problem, along with answers to the following questions:

    1. What computer system do you use (CPU, memory etc.)?
    2. Are you using a desktop or a laptop computer?
    3. Which operating system do you use (Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP etc.)?
    4. What kind of an internet connection do you have (modem, cable etc.)?
    5. Who is your ISP (Internet service provider)?
    6. Do you run our software at home or work?
    7. Is your computer behind a firewall or any anti-virus program?
    8. Is your internet connection wired or wireless?
    9. Which web browser do you use (such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox etc.) and which version is it?
    10. Is your computer behind a proxy server?
    11. Is there a P2P program (such as eMule, KaZaA etc.) running in the background?
    12. Is there an instant messenger (such as MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo!, Skype etc.) running in the background as well?

How to deal with Trojan/virus alerts

I have just started the Play65™ software and my anti-virus program has identified a Trojan activity. What is going on?

Since our software uses a Smart Downloader, which, in order to ensure the highest playing quality, performs automatic software updates upon every startup, it performs a simultaneous download from external servers. This kind of action can be wrongfully interpreted as a Trojan Horse by some antivirus programs. It is actually a False Positive – i.e. false alarm. Please go to your anti-virus company’s website for more information.

I have just received an e-mail message from Play65™ with an attached document and my e-mail server recognized it as a virus. Why is this happening?

In some e-mail programs, the internal (or the anti-virus) malware checking device scans all the incoming mail as a bulk. If you received a spam/phishing message at the same time, which may contain a virus, your e-mail server can mistakenly conclude that it comes from our e-mail address and block all attached files for security reasons. Has this happened to you, please contact your system administrator for a solution.

Gaming queries for Play65™

Dice reliability

Is it possible for any player to hack the game and control the dice or moves?

All the communication is done through the Play65™ game server. There is no direct contact at any time between your computer and your opponent’s computer. All the communication is encrypted. There is no way to manipulate the dice as they are generated at the server and sent to both you and your opponent, it is not calculated on one of the player’s machines so he or she could not manipulate the dice as you are connected to the server, not his or her computer.

To take control of the dice one would have to:

    1. Get behind our firewall protection to reach our servers.
    2. Disguise himself as the dice generator – there is one for all the games. We have an authenticity algorithm, by which a server recognizes the client and vice versa.
    3. Keep all the other games running as usual so the system appears stable, when replacing our dice generating server with a compatible, disguised server.
    4. Find and identify his own game from all the other games running simultaneously and have the disguised dice generator server generate dice for his specific game and all the other games currently running. As we monitor dice results, he would have to do so that there are no fluctuations as statistically expected.
    5. Know how data is transmitted between the client and the server and the different servers (which communicate internally).
    6. Know our internal data packet structure.
    7. All data streams are encoded using 128 bit encryption, the same encoding done by online banking. They would need to hack this encryption as well, first to find out the internal data packet structure and then to send data.

It is impossible to succeed in completing all the tasks listed above.

Real people – genuine players

How do I know I am not playing a bot on your site?

Please note that you can chat with your opponents and viewers while playing. You can also set up a match against a friend: we never force you to play against anyone. In any case, the site is always impartial as a rake is always collected from each game.
In case you agreed with a friend to meet in a certain backgammon room and you cannot see him or her, please click on Settings and make sure the Show Only Players Close To My Rating box is unticked.

Moving checkers

How do I move my checkers and how do I move the lower dice value first?

To move your checkers either drag & drop the checker in place or click on the checker. Left clicking a checker attempts to play the high dice roll first and plays the low dice roll only if the high dice roll was already made or if playing the low dice roll results in an illegal move. Alternatively, right clicking a checker attempts to play the low dice roll first.

Saving games at Play65™

How do I save my Play65™ games?

Note that only games for real money are recorded and saved. Once you click on the Game History button in the game lobby, a Game Table window will open and an Open File window, which automatically directs you to the Saved Games folder in the Play65™ program directory.
If there are no files listed in the Open File window, close that window and see if the Automatically Save All Games check box is checked. It must be enabled so all games will be automatically saved to this directory.

Changing game terms

How do I know if my potential opponent changed the game terms while negotiating?

Please note that in the negotiation window, before entering the game board screen, you must notice the terms for each game/match (especially the initial bet and game limits).
For your convenience, each time your opponent changes the terms, these changes will appear in red.

Player’s rating

What is a player’s rating and how is it calculated?

The rating system was made to determine the player’s skill. For any match* you win, you receive rating points. If you lose, you lose rating points as well. Please note: the ratio of how many rating points a player gains and how many rating points his or her opponent loses will not always match.

We use a modified FIBS rating system. You can read more on natural FIBS by clicking here or here.

*Single games are rated as 3pt matches. The purpose of this is to have money games and matches rated similarly.

1400* rating

Why does my opponent have a 1400* rating? What does it mean?

Out of courtesy to players with a low rating level (below 1400 points), Play65™ presents it as 1400*. A player might have a 1300 rating, but all other players will see him as 1400*,and he or she would need to win a certain number of games/matches in order to pass the 1400 line and be presented with his precise rating.

Auto-roll function

Why do the dice roll automatically, although I have unticked the Auto-Roll function?

When roll is the only possible option, as when the doubling cube is not available, then the dice are automatically rolled for you.
The Auto-Roll function, if marked as active, rolls the dice even if the doubling cube is available.

Resign automatically

How come my opponent managed to resign automatically for a single point, while he was about to lose by gammon?

In single games, when the sum involved limit is equal to the original sum involved (or current doubling state), the game will end automatically without asking your opponent’s permission.
Example: suppose, the game has a sum involved of per point with a limit of . In this case, resignations will be automatically approved. If the limit was set at either or , and the game was doubled, resignations would also be immediately approved.
In a series (a.k.a. match play), it will be possible only when the resigning player has no more points to lose. Example: suppose, you are leading 4-2 in a series up to 5. If your opponent then resigns, his or her resignation is automatically approved.

Doubling cube

When can I double my opponent?

Generally, you can double (both in real money and in fun money games) under the following conditions:

    1. The doubling cube is available (as set in the negotiation pop up window before approving the game).
    2. The game limit is set higher than the original sum involved (set in the negotiation window).
    3. The Auto-Roll function is disabled (unticked checkbox in the game board screen).
    4. The cube is in the middle, yet unused by any player and is available for either player at that point to initiate the first double.
    5. The cube is on your side.
    6. When Crawford rule is not applied.

Crawford rule

What is “Crawford Rule”?

Crawford rule means that in a series of matches (a.k.a. match play), if one player is one point below the goal, on the next game the doubling cube is unavailable only for that game.
Example: suppose, two players play a match up to 7. If the score is 6-2, then for the next game the doubling cube will not be available.
However, if the game is won by the player, who is behind, the score would be 6-3 and on the next game the doubling cube would be available.

Fun money

My fun money balance has reached 0. What can I do to replenish it?

If it seems like your fun money balance has hit the 0 point all of a sudden, this is a simple mistake: you merely switched to real money backgammon by accident. Just click the Switch To Fun Money button, which is located in the right bottom corner of the Play65™ game lobby, below the Now Playing For Real Money button – and voilla! Your fun money balance (and rating) has been successfully restored*.

I was playing for fun money and I ran out of time, while I was ahead. How come I lost my sum involved?

Whenever playing for fun money, the player, who disconnects or runs out of time, suffers a technical loss of the game/match, regardless of the game board state.

*Note: you never run out of fun money. As soon as it reaches the lower limit of or less, it will get automatically replenished back to 0.

Real money

I was playing for real money and my game/match got disconnected. How come my opponent received more than me?

Whenever a single game/match is not completed (player disconnects/times out for any reason), our auto resolve system analyzes the game board state and splits the money accordingly (not including games played on blitz time mode).
In general, this analysis is to determine who was most likely to win the game/match and by which type of victory; single/doubled cube/gammon/backgammon etc.

Our game auto resolve system is based on the BGBlitz software, a leader in backgammon game analysis.
The player, who caused the disconnection, suffers a penalty upon splitting the sum involved. Also, if a player disconnects often, his or her account will be automatically put on hold and they will not be able to play until further notice. Has this happened to you, please contact us right away at


How do you prevent players from abusing others by stalling or disconnecting on purpose?

Whenever a player disconnects/times out (real money mode), he or she automatically pays a penalty by win/lose percentages.
Moreover, Play65™ system recognizes and blocks players who frequently disconnect/cause a timeout.
This means that a player, who disconnects often, will be risking his or her account being automatically banned from the site by our system.

How do you control players that cheat, curse and/or cause general dismay to others?

Play65™ does everything in its power to prevent any kind of abusive behavior. Most of the time, we do locate and punish players, who are using foul tactics in order to gain unlawful advantage or for any other purpose.
However, every day, an increasing number of new players is joining the site, and along with them, some “rotten apples” as well. Therefore, our work to prevent and eradicate this behavior is an ongoing, 24/7/365 struggle (you should note that most of this behavior is to be found on our “fun” mode, for obvious reasons).
In spite of all that, we can assure you that Play65™ is better handled than any other site on the net today and far more experienced. Moreover, Play65™ has the largest community of players from all over the world, to this date – thus, turning to Play65™ is the best option for any backgammon player, who wishes to play online.

BG School

Click here for detailed help.

Backgammon Tournaments

What do I get for wining a satellite tournament at Play65™?

In a satellite tournament, you win a free entrance to other backgammon tournaments. Satellite tournaments also sometime carry a cash prize but not always.

How do I enroll to my free tournaments?

First click the proper tab above the main table in the “Game Lobby”.
It would be either Swing or Sit & Go Tournament. You will see the “Enroll free!” pink button – allowing you to enroll for free to one of the tournaments.

Why did I not succeed in entering a <1600 tournament- what does it mean?

This is a rating limited tournament, which only allows players with a rating below 1600 points to participate.
For example: only if you have a rating level of 1599 or less, you will be able to enroll to such a tournament.
Please, also note the following: if you see a player, whose rating is 1600 or above, yet he or she somehow managed to get into the rating limited event, this means that he or she had a rating of less than 1600 at the time of enrollment.

What are stars? How do I gain them and what can I use them for?

Stars are used as the buy-ins for our stars freeroll tournaments.

You receive a star for each dollar you play for, regardless of whether you win or lose.
Stars are accumulated when playing backgammon for real money games only (meaning: there are no stars in fun money play mode).
Your accumulated stars are displayed at the right side of the screen, just below your rating.

I was in the middle of a tournament, got disconnected and could not reconnect. Does this mean I forfeit?

When disconnecting, you have 5 minutes to reconnect. Also, you cannot disconnect 3 times during a match. If this happens, you are automatically disqualified from the tournament regardless of the game board status.

The Play65™ random dice generator

How can I be sure the dice throws at Play65™ are 100% random?

We use the random number generator described here or in more detail here. You are also welcome to click here for an article about backgammon.

This random number generator was developed in Keio University, Yokohama, Japan. Please note that it is also utilized by IBM. We tested our system by running millions of rounds and examining the results. We also periodically test the system to ensure its integrity. This generator has a very high quality random-number output.

Note that all the game history is saved on your hard drive which includes the dice rolls – we welcome players to analyze these rolls and check their integrity.

Also, please consider the following:

    A chance for a double is 1/6.
    Two consequent doubles: 1/36.
    Three straight doubles: 1/216.
    Four straight doubles: 1/1296.

    Seven doubles in a row: 1/279,936.

Since there are millions of dice rolls a day, this will happen from time to time.
Each game has about 30-40 throws in average, your opponent should have about four doubles – probably, two of them consecutive. Having your opponent throw three straight doubles should also occur once every six games or so.
In addition: the chance of having a 6-6 is 1/36 and the chance of having two 6-6’s in a row is 1/1296. This means it could also happen once every 40 games.

These types of throws seem odd but they are statistically expected. Seeing these things proves the dice generator is working properly.

In conclusion, we earn only from the commissions reduced from the winning prizes. Therefore, we really do not mind which player wins, and we never discriminate, nor do we favor any player, group or nationality by dice or any other feature.

The Play65™ cashier

Credit card security at Play65™

How safe is it to use my credit card online, and how do I make a deposit using my credit card?

Play65™’s online credit card system is fast, user friendly, and completely secure.
To ensure the maximum security, all communications between your computer and the payments server are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which is the most widely accepted way of protecting data on the Internet.
SSL encryption is used by banks and other institutions with the highest need for secure data transmissions.
For more information, please click Play65’s Backgammon Security.

Deposit options at Play65™

How do deposit money into my account?

To add funds to your account, you must register an account first. Please refer to the Getting Started page (if you have not done so already). Once you have an account, you are ready to deposit money into your account and increase your balance. You can deposit money by following these steps:

  • Start the Play65™ software.
  • Enter your username and password in the login screen.
  • Once you are in the lobby, press on the Cashier on the left hand side of the screen. After that, select the Deposit option.
  • Select your preferred deposit method.

Here in Play65™ we use the latest encryption and protection methods in order to ensure that all your monetary actions and information are completely secure. Submitting credit card information and performing money transfer actions are as safe as performing them in your local bank.

How long does it take to process my deposit?

Deposits made using credit cards, PayPal, NETeller or MoneyBookers, are usually added to your balance within a few seconds.
Wire Transfer deposits usually take up to 48 hours to arrive to our bank.
Your Play65™’s account balance will be credited with the deposit up to 48 hours from receiving your transfer receipt copy by fax or by e-mailing
Our fax number is as follows: country code 1 (USA) and the number is 310-388-0421.
After making your deposit, please select the Transaction History option in the cashier and make sure your request has been processed.
If, for any reason, your request has not been processed, or has not been approved after the time periods specified above, please contact us at

I submitted a deposit but my balance has not changed. What should I do?

Deposits made using credit cards, PayPal, NETeller or Moneybookers are usually added to your balance within a few seconds. With PayPal (and very rarely with NETeller and MoneyBookers as well), though, there might be exceptions due to the high activity volume on their website. If you made a payment and it does not show on your balance right away, please forward your receipt to (or at least supply the transaction ID) so we can credit your account manually.
Be advised that you cannot submit sums lower than the minimum allowed or higher than the maximum.
If your deposit gets rejected for any reason, you will receive a corresponding notification message in your browser.

Withdrawal options

How do I withdraw my winnings?

In order to withdraw money from your Play65™ account, you must first log into your account using your username and password.
You can withdraw money by following these steps:

  • Start the Play65™ software.
  • Enter your username and password in the login screen. Once you are in the lobby, click the Cashier button in the left hand corner.
    After the cashier page has opened, select Withdraw.
  • Select your preferred withdrawal method.
  • Enter the desired sum and click on the Submit button.

*Note: we do not charge any fees for withdrawals. However, we cannot be responsible for fees charged by your bank upon cashing our checks.

Withdrawal methods

What are the methods for withdrawing money?

You can choose from the following list: Bank Draft (check), Wire Transfer, PayPal, WebMoney, NETeller or MoneyBookers.

Your request will appear in the Transaction History page with a Requested indication if our web cashier has accepted your request for a withdrawal.

Once you have requested a withdrawal, the amount you have requested to withdraw will be instantly deducted from your Play65™ account.

An Approved indication will appear if Play65™ accounting approves your request and the money is en route to you. Approved requests cannot be canceled.

All withdrawals are processed within 3-4 business days from the moment you request them, except for Wire Transfer, which takes 4-5 business days, and Bank Draft (check), which might take up to a month. During this time you may cancel your withdrawal request and return it to your Play65™’s account.
The minimal amount to withdraw by wire transfer is 0. For all the other methods, the minimum is .

Bank Draft

What is a Bank Draft?

A Bank Draft is a bank issued check that can be cashed or deposited only by the person, to whom the check is made payable.
If you choose to withdraw by bank draft, a check will be mailed to your address.
Since it takes additional time for the banks to issue a bank draft after it was processed, as bank drafts are sent from abroad, please allow up to a month for the delivery of your check to the address submitted by you during registration.
If your address has changed, please notify us immediately. We charge no fees for handling bank drafts, but cannot be responsible for any fees charged by your bank.

Wire Transfer

What is a wire transfer?

A Wire Transfer is an electronic transfer of funds from Play65™’s bank account to yours.
It usually takes 5-6 business days for the funds to get settled in your bank account after your withdrawal request has been processed.
We charge no fees for wire transfers. If you choose wire transfer, please make sure you have your bank details ready and complete, so that you can quickly fill them in their corresponding fields.

  • Bank Name
  • Bank Address
  • Account Number
  • Account Holder’s Name
  • Routing Number, ABA, IBAN or Swift Code
  • Sort Code (usually meaning your branch number)


What do I need to withdraw using PayPal?

We support the highly popular PayPal.
Withdrawing to your PayPal account is easy. We only require your PayPal e-mail address. For more information about PayPal, please go to


What do I need to withdraw using WebMoney?

We support WebMoney money transfer.

To withdraw to your WebMoney account, you will need one of the following details (required by WebMoney): WebMoney Keeper Classic, WMID (WebMoney ID) or any other detail from the suggested verification process shown in WebMoney’s transfer page.
For more information about WebMoney, please go to
* WebMoney transactions do not require a credit card or bank account


What do I need to withdraw using NETeller?

Withdrawing through NETeller is free, simple and fast. We only require your NETeller e-mail and account ID (12 digits). For more information about NETeller, please go to


What do I need to withdraw using MoneyBookers?

Just enter your MoneyBookers e-mail address and the withdrawal sum of your choice.
Please make sure that all the information you submitt is accurate, up-to-date and complete, so that we can process your withdrawal request quickly and without any delay. For more information about MoneyBookers, please go to

*Note: Play65™ reserves the right to delay and/or stop the processing of withdrawal requests until final approval has been received for any exceptional withdrawal requests.

If you still have any questions or comments about withdrawals, deposits or any other matter, please send them to

How long does it take to receive my Play65™ winnings?

How long does it take to receive my Play65™ winnings?

Withdrawal requests are processed within 3-4 business days. During this period, you can track the status of your withdrawal request in the Transaction History page.
Initially, your request appears as Requested. During the processing period your request appears as In Process.
Once the transfer has been completed, your request will appear as Approved. You will be notified by e-mail when your withdrawal request is approved.

The following table describes the stages in the withdrawal process (in business days):

Requested In Process Approved Total
Bank draft 2 days 1 day 14-21 days 17-28 days
Wire transfer 2 days 1 day 1 day 3-5 days
PayPal 2 days 1 day 1 day 3-4 days
NETeller 2 days 1 day 1 day 3-4 days
MoneyBookers 2 days 1 day 1 day 3-4 days

Stages of the withdrawal process

Requested – The withdrawal request is being verified (it is possible to cancel the withdrawal request).

In Process – The withdrawal request is being processed (it is not possible to cancel the withdrawal request).

Approved – The withdrawal request has been approved and settled (it is not possible to cancel the withdrawal request).

Total – The period that passes from the time that the withdrawal request has been entered until the time that the requested sum is settled in your bank, checking, PayPal, NETeller or MoneyBookers account.

If your withdrawal request has not been settled within the time period described above, or if you are experiencing any problems, please contact our support staff at

Canceling a withdrawal request

I have entered a withdrawal request but I want to cancel it. How can I do this?

You can cancel your withdrawal request within 2 days of your request submission (while your request status is still Requested).
Once you have canceled your request, the sum you requested returns to your Play65™ account.
In order to cancel your withdrawal request simply log into Play65™ using your username and password, select Cashier followed by Transaction History.
You will see a list of your withdrawal requests, complete with your requests’ status indications.
In the Status field of the request you wish to cancel press on the red Cancel button right of the Requested indication.Your request will be canceled and the status will be changed to Canceled.
Your Play65™’s account will then be credited with the sum you requested. Your withdrawal history contains a complete list of all your withdrawal requests – those that have been approved, or are being processed, and those that have been canceled, either by you or by Play65™’s accounting.

If you have any questions regarding the withdrawal process, please contact our support staff at

I do not want my Visa card refunded

I prefer Play65™ not to refund my withdrawals to my Visa card. What should I do?

If you prefer to receive your withdrawals to your chosen method, rather than having Play65™ refund them back to your Visa card, please contact and file a request for the above. We will place a note in your Play65™ account profile and send you the withdrawn funds to the method you originally chose in the cashier. In order to prevent fraudulent activity, this is conditioned upon sending us certain documents.

Visa card refund not showing on card statement

My withdrawal is shown as a refund to my Visa account- why has it not appeared yet on my credit card/bank account?

Whenever we refund a Visa card, we transfer it immediately. However, Visa usually credits the card on the same date you get all charges (usually on either the 2nd or the 10th of each month).
Therefore, you will not see it immediately in your bank account, but can verify receipt of acquitted funds with your local Visa representatives.
When issuing your Visa charges from your bank account, Visa sometimes deducts the refunds from the total monthly charge sum, so one may mistakenly assume they were not refunded.

Refunding MasterCard/Diners Club cards

I deposited with a MasterCard/Diners Club card – will I be able to receive my withdrawal as a refund to my credit card account?

Due to global credit card limitations, Play65™ can only refund Visa cards for European card holders. Therefore, we cannot refund MasterCard – nor can we refund Diners.

What are NETeller, WebMoney, MoneyBookers and PayPal?

I see that I can pay and receive money via NETeller, MoneyBookers and PayPal. What does it mean?

NETeller, WebMoney, MoneyBookers and PayPal are all eWallets. These are services, which provide an extra protection layer for using one’s credit card online. They are completely secure and very popular amongst our customers. As soon as you have registered for an account with them, all the information you will ever have to give us is an e-mail address and/or account number, according to the requirements of the eWallet of your choice.

For more information about NETeller, click here.
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Bonus availability limitations at Play65™

I have just opened a new account on the family computer and my father is already playing at Play65™ for real money. Can I get the sign-up bonus as well?

In order to prevent bonus abuse, our sign-up bonus can be received only once per person, computer or household.

I have brought my friend to register for an account using my computer. Can we get the promised bonuses?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. If you want to refer your friend to play with us, he or she must register using his or her own computer, in order for you both to enjoy our registration bonus privileges.

My friend has just received a great bonus offer from you. Does it mean I can get it as well?

All our promotional bonus offers are individual and non-transferable. Therefore, please be patient and you will soon receive your own exciting offer to your e-mail!!

I am a regular player on Play65™ and I receive attractive bonus offers from the customer service, is it possible for me to receive as many bonus offers as I want?

Unfortunately, no. Even though our main priority is to provide our players with as many high quality bonuses as possible, Play65™ does not give more than three active bonuses at a given time.
Therefore, if you have already accumulated three bonuses you will not be entitled to another bonus.

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