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Virtual Money

The Virtual Money mode is a brand new way to enjoy online backgammon at Play65. We thought about how to improve the Fun Money mode and to make it better than ever. We have paid special attention to our devoted players, and we came up with a great plan, which will enhance the player’s game experience!

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About Virtual Money Mode

Virtual Money gives the player a chance to taste a real backgammon game and to be a part of the exciting world of professional online gaming. As the top provider of online backgammon, we know exactly what gamers want and have designed our game platform so that it will rival even the hottest tables. Virtual Money encourages players to hold on to their funds, so you can be sure that you will play against real players with more motivation to win.
In the first month of Virtual Money it will be open for everyone for FREE!
Our players will have the time to better understand the benefits of this new mode, and we are sure that once you play it – you will not wish to stop.

Virtual Money benefits and new features

  • Game History:
    View your game history and use it to analyze your moves and decision with the aim of improving your gaming skill. Your games are saved inside the Cashier – Game History screen.
  • Backgammon School:
    Take backgammon lessons in our school to improve your backgammon skill and learn some new tricks.
  • Tournaments:
    Choose from a variety of new tournaments with higher prizes – both sit n’ go and event tourneys – which take place at a specific time and date. Win Credits , entry to bigger tournaments or REAL prizes from our gift shop!
  • Special Tournaments:
    Participate in special tournaments with deluxe prizes*. You can win actual prizes delivered to your home, while having fun playing the game you like!
  • New exciting Ranks:
    No longer you will be simply rated by a number – now you will have an incredible title (Professional, Veteran, etc). Work hard and climb your way up the rating ladder to receive more prestigious ranks. Each rank comes with a special rank icon!
  • Leaderboards:
    • Individual Leaderboards:
      Now you will be able to view and be among the top players in five categories: Highest rated, Most games played, Best wins percentage, Most sit n’ go’s won and Most money earned. Think you are the best? Now you can earn the acknowledgment of other players of your skill! You are among the top? Expect special surprises and gifts!
    • Country VS Country Leaderboards:
      Now you can be a part of the big team! Virtual Money players will contribute to their Country’s rating and honor by simply playing their best game. You will be able to choose 2 different countries and see who wins more, and who has a better rating.
    • Click here to view the Leaderboards.
  • Private Statistics:
    Virtual Money players now will have access to their cube statistic. You think that lady luck is on your side? Now our statistic can tell you how many times you got doubles, or any kind of cube combination, so you can be informed. You will also be able to see how many games you’ve won by either a gammon, backgammon or a regular win.
  • Higher Bets:
    Like to play on high stakes? Like to feel the adrenaline as the bets getting bigger? Now you will be able to play up to 99,999 Credits bets on a single game!
  • Buy Credits:
    You are now able to purchase play money that will be referred as Credits, ranging from 1,000 to 10,000. On some occasions you will also be able to buy a slight rating boost.

*Please note that participating in Real prizes tournaments depends on the player’s country laws.

New Rating System

We upgraded our rating system so now you will accumulate more rating when winning a higher opponent and vice versa. Losing against a lower rated player will cause the opposite. The longer the match or higher the stake – the more rating you will get! Also, the new rating system is currently unlimited.


Commission is taken from the final winning sum. The new commission system is fairly simple and divided into categories:

  • Up to 6,000 Credits -> 6% of the final winning sum
  • Between 6,000 Credits and 25,000 Credits -> 5% of the final winning sum
  • Between 25,000 Credits and 99,999 Credits -> 4% of the final winning sum

In series of games there is an added commission by these categories:

  • Matches of 2 – 10 points -> 1% added commission
  • Matches of 11 – 21 points -> 2% added commission

How to acquire Credits?

  • Each player will receive a fixed amount of Credits upon registration, which will be refilled every month.
  • Buy Credits directly (From the Cashier or within the game lobby).
  • Participate and win in our newly made tournaments.
  • Win by entering one of our free-rolls, every day!
  • Get instant Credits refill when your balance is getting low (available once per day)
  • Every day your Credit account is automatically reloaded to 100 Credits (For Free Players with low credit account)


Why did we create the new mode?

Since our game was launched, we have been trying to find a way to combine the thrill of Real money backgammon mode and the enjoyable aspect of the Fun money. The new mode is fun and exciting but not involving any risks as other real money related games. Now you can enjoy both worlds!

How much it costs to play at Virtual Money?

In the first month of Virtual Money it will be open for everyone for FREE! After the first month trial period, any new or existing player will be entitled to pay a small fee every month. By paying this fee, the player will be able to enjoy all of the new mode features . Beyond that, any player who wishes to purchase additional Credits can also do it from our Cashier. Moreover, our Virtual Money players can also purchase small rating chunks to help them climb up the ranking ladder. Please note that the subscription fee and Credit purchase is not refundable.

What will happen to non-subscribed players?

Players who do not wish to register to Virtual Money will be able to continue playing our game with some restrictions and will be referred as “Free Players”. If you liked the Fun Money mode it is highly recommended for you to subscribe, so you will able to keep playing your favorite game with your buddies and enjoying our new added features!

What are the restrictions for the Free Players?

Free Players (Players who are not subscribed to Virtual Money) have the following restrictions:

  • Game bet sum is limited to 10,000 Credits only
  • Series matches are limited to 3 only
  • Player can accumulate maximum balance of 10,000 Credits
  • Player will not be shown on the Leaderboards
  • Rating limit of 3,000 points
  • No tournaments of any kind
  • No BG School
  • No Game history
  • No Chat
  • No Private Statistics

Will a Virtual Money player be able to play against a Free Player?


What happens to disconnected players?

Whenever playing for Credits, the player, who disconnects or runs out of time, suffers a technical loss of the game/match, regardless of the game board state..

What will happen to my balance if I will stop subscribing to Virtual Money?

If a Virtual Money player chooses to stop subscribing, our system reduces his balance to 10,000 Credits (the maximum balance a Free Player can have). Once subscribed again, his old balance will be restored along with the Credits that he had won or lost during his non-subscribed period.