Why to be a VIP?

The largest backgammon online room has now become the most generous one, by opening the first VIP club in online backgammon – Play65™ VIP Club.

Play65™ VIP club invites you to play backgammon for money, earn VIP points & shop points and start indulging yourself in our exclusive VIP Shop.

  • With Play65™ VIP club, you are always a winner!
  • Every $ you play with is added to your VIP shop points and can be used for the purchase of any luxury goods without spending even a single cent.
  • Play65™ VIP Club membership is progressive and divided into three levels: the basic Bronze level, the medium Silver, and the top level Gold. Your VIP position can be mobilized according to the sum of your money games in every month.
  • As you upgrade to a higher VIP level, you enjoy a faster conversion rate of shop points.
  • Once you become a gold member – a personal account manager will manage your account for you.
  • As a VIP player, you will be able to use your Shop points for: buying into our Play65™ backgammon tournaments, purchasing real money and shopping for luxurious gifts in our exclusive VIP shop.