What are VIP points & shop points?

When you play at Play65™, you earn points for each $ you play for.

These points are the building blocks of the VIP Club. There are two different types of points:

  • VIP Points
  • Shop Points

Every time you earn one VIP point, you will also earn one or more Shop Points based on your VIP level. For example, if you are a Gold VIP player, you will earn 2.5 Shop Points for every VIP point.

VIP Points are there only to measure your VIP level and cannot be redeemed.

Shop Points have monetary value and can be used to enter tournaments, purchase items from the VIP shop, or exchange for cash.

Shop points will be exchanged for cash according to the following conversion rate:
100,000 shop points -> 450$
50,000 shop points -> 200$
10,000 shop points -> 40$
5,000 shop points -> 15$

How do I earn VIP Points and shop points?

Accumulating VIP Points is as easy as playing free backgammon online. You earn points by playing in Play65™ real money games. You receive VIP Points at the rate of 1 VIP Point (and corresponding Shop Points) for every of your stake. Fractional VIP Points will be accumulated in hundredths and then added to the VIP balance (after reaching 1 point).

  • For example, for a game of .5, a player earns 15.5 VIP Points, so he will receive 15 VIP Points for playing this event and a 0.5 point will be accumulated (in addition to a corresponding sum of Shop Points).

stakes in € and £ will award points according to currency fluctuations and VIP level status, I.E, a Bronze VIP player that plays a €1 stake will receive approximately 1.3 VIP points and 1.3 shop points.

  • For example, for a game of 10€, a player will earn 13 VIP point (based on a € -> 1.3$ conversion rate).

Please note that “Play Money” and “Freeroll” tournaments do not charge a cash fee, and therefore do not award VIP Points or shop points.

Can I receive shop points while having an active bonus on my account?

No. You will only be able to accumulate VIP points while having an active or pending bonus on your account. You can contact our support if you prefer deleting the bonus in order to gain shop points.

How can I check my VIP Status?

On the Play65™ Cashier page, you will find detailed information that includes your VIP Status, how long is it valid for, how many VIP Points you need to reach the next VIP level, your Shop Points balance and a link to our special VIP gift shop.

How long does my VIP status last?

Your VIP status will last until the end of the next calendar month, unless you re-qualify for that level or qualify for a higher level.

So, if you accumulated 10,000 VIP Points between June 1 and June 20, you have achieved Gold status for the month of June. That status will continue through the end of July. If you re-qualify during July (earning another 10,000 VIP Points), your Gold status will continue through the end of August, and so forth.

I understand that if I qualify for Silver VIP status during May, I keep that status through the end of June, even if I don’t qualify during June. Do I still get the bonus Shop Points during June?

Yes. You are a Silver VIP throughout June, including accumulating bonus Shop Points.

Can VIP points expire?

Yes. The counter resets on the first of every month.

Can shop points expire?

Shop points only expire if you do not earn any shop points within one calendar year. For instance, if you earn any shop points in the year 2010, your shop points will not expire that year. However, if you earn no shop points in the 2011 calendar year, your shop points will expire on January 1st, 2012.

Can I buy into Play65™ tournaments with my Shop Points?

Yes. On the cashier page, click on >VIP, there you will be able to purchase tournaments buy-ins.