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Backgammon Online Achievements

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What are Play65™ Backgammon Achievements?

Backgammon achievements are a list of goals, proposed to all Play65™ members, of both real money backgammon mode and Virtual Money Mode.
Achieving a goal will always grant you with a reward; it may be either credits or rating for our Virtual Money Mode members, or Shop points for real money players, which can be used for buying cash, tournament entries and other items.

Achievements are available in two criteria:

  • Daily Achievements
  • Lifetime Achievements
  • Daily Achievements

    Daily Achievements should be obtained on a daily basis; meaning, you may obtain these goals every day, and get daily rewards.
    Each and every daily achievement you reach will be translated to a different amount of Achievement Points – Your achievement points will increase with every goal you accomplish.

    Based on your Achievement Points, you will receive a reward every day.

    Achievement Points calculation takes place every day, precisely at 00:00 GMT. Your Achievement Points will reset right after, and you will start collecting new daily Achievement Points.

    Daily Achievements Rewards

    Real Money Daily Rewards

    Daily achievements are translated to Achievement Points; you will receive your rewards every day, at 00:00 GMT, based on the following table:

    Real Money Daily Rewards:
    Daily Achievement Points Shop Points Rewards
    30-50 50 Shop Points
    51-80 75 Shop Points
    81-100 100 Shop Points
    101-150 125 Shop Points
    151-200 175 Shop Points
    201-250 225 Shop Points
    251-300 275 Shop Points
    301-400 350 Shop Points
    401-500 500 Shop Points
    500+ 1000 Shop Points
      *** Complete All Daily Achievements and receive a 50,000 Store Points bonus!! (Worth approximately 250$)

      *** Complete all Lifetime Achievements and receive a ,000 instant backgammon bonus in to your account!

      Remember that each and every Shop Point is worth money! You can buy cash, backgammon tournaments entrances and other items in our VIP SHOP.

    Virtual Money Mode Daily Rewards

    Virtual Money Mode Daily Rewards :
    Daily Achievement Points Credits Bonus Rating Bonus
    30-100 50 credits
    101-150 75 credits
    151-200 100 credits
    201-250 125 credits
    251-300 100 credits
    301-400 250 credits 10 rating
    401-500 500 credits 15 rating
    501-600 600 credits 20 rating
    601-700 700 credits 25 rating
    701-800 800 credits 35 rating
    801-901 900 credits 45 rating
    901+ 50,000 credits 500 rating

      *** Complete All Daily Achievements and receive a bonus of 100,000 Credits and +600 rating points the following day!

      *** Complete All Lifetime Achievements and receive a 1,000,000 Credits bonus and an additional 5000 rating points!

    Lifetime Achievements

    Lifetime Achievements can be attained only once. These achievements will usually take longer to accomplish; however, they grant you with better rewards than the Daily Achievements.

    Any Lifetime Achievement you obtain will grant you with a bonus and a trophy. You can observe your trophies by clicking the “View Trophies” button, inside your trophy room.

    Click on a specific Lifetime achievement inside your trophy room, in order to find out what reward you are about to receive.


    Are the Achievements available for all players?

    Yes! Everybody can play, attain achievements and get trophies and rewards.

    How can I see my own Achievements?

    You may access your achievements screen and information by clicking the Achievements button on the Real money mode, or by clicking the same button inside the Virtual Money Mode Menu while playing for fun money.

    How can I enter another player’s Trophy Room and Achievements?

    Click on the Trophy link inside the game lobby.

    Right click a user inside the backgammon game lobby and choose “Details about the player”.

    Can I watch my Achievements’ progress?

    Yes, just click on the selected achievement within the Daily\Lifetime Achievements screen. You will be able to view your progress towards completing the achievement.

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