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Play65™ presents advanced digital sounds and graphics for an attractive, friendly and highly realistic online backgammon experience.

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Backgammon Boards

Arabesque Backgammon BoardArabesque Board – An ornate Backgammon board crafted with the expertise of the finest Persian goldsmiths and marble workers. The exquisite work with inlaid rubies and emeralds shows that early backgammon players knew how to play backgammon with style.


Dark Angel Backgammon BoardDark Angel Board – Explore the darker side of Backgammon through this fiery backgammon board.


Knight's Quest Backgammon Board Knight’s Quest Board – Embark on a knightly quest of honor and glory, battling the backgammon foes on your path towards internet gaming enlightenment.


Play65™ Backgammon BoardPlay65™ Board – True Backgammon players are minimalists. Free online backgammon means a free board, free checkers, and free dice, and that’s all you need.


Royal Sands BoardRoyal Sands Backgammon Board – The glorious purple sigil of the ancient order of Guild Online Backgammon has always been known for its disputes with the Orange Order of Free Backgammon Players. Their eventual unification has led this noble board to be commissioned in both of their honors.


Shogun's Blade Backgammon Board Shogun’s Blade Board – During the modernization of Japan and their samurai in the 19th century, this mystical backgammon board was created to preserve the sacred traditions and rituals regarding Backgammon game in the Far East.


Tribal Soul Backgammon Board Tribal Soul Board – Stranded on an island with nothing but wood? What better way to pass the time than with Backgammon. The board even works as a makeshift calendar; just create a notch for each day that you have survived without money backgammon!


Backgammon Dices

Arabesque Backgammon DiceArabesque Backgammon Dice – Beautifully crafted white and black onyx inlaid with gems and trimmed with pure gold; enscription: “Skill is for the strong of mind. Luck is for the strong of heart. Backgammon is for the mindful heart.


Dark Angel Backgammon DiceDark Angel Backgammon Dice – Summon your otherworldly Backgammon skills by channeling your power through these mystical dice.


Backgammon Checkers

Royal Sands Backgammon Checkers Royal Sands Backgammon Checkers – Meant to inspire backgammon players from all walks of life, these simple checkers are adorned with a large sun to represent the light that encompasses all backgammon boards.