How to be a VIP?

Your race to Play65™ VIP club begins on your first real money backgammon game. For every real money backgammon game, match, or tournament you play on Play65™, you get VIP points & shop points (whether you win or lose). The VIP points are used to set your level on our VIP ladder. The shop points enable you to purchase goods on our exclusive VIP Club Shop. When you reach the required number of VIP points, you will be automatically upgraded to the corresponding VIP level, and you will stay there until the end of the next month, when your VIP level will be calculated again according to your last month’s activity on Play65™. Every level has a different shop points’ factor, and the rate becomes faster as you climb up the VIP ladder.

Play65™ VIP Club Levels:


Earned 300 points – congratulations!

You have made it into the first level of Play65™ VIP Club.
At this stage, as a Bronze member, you can start enjoying the shop but you can still look up to the silver level.


Earned 3,000 points? You’ve been upgraded to Silver level!

As a Silver member, you will enjoy a 1.5 shop points’ factor.
You will receive 50% more shop points for every VIP point you earn.


Earned 10,000 points? You’ve just struck Gold!

You will receive 150% more for every shop point you earn.
As a Gold VIP member you will now enjoy a 2.5 shop points’ factor, and a personal account manager.

Level Shop Points Factor VIP points Required
Bronze 1.0 300
Silver 1.5 3,000
Gold 2.5 10,000