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Backgammon Flash Game - The Easy Way to Play

The web platform has arrived!

A backgammon application that allows backgammon players to log in and play, without the burdensome process of backgammon download and installation; yet, with the exact same features and benefits that Play65™ Virtual Money Mode and Free Play modes have offered so far.

The web application, Instant Play, is the fastest way existing to play backgammon online with both Virtual Money Mode mode, which truly imitates the experience of real money backgammon game, and Free Play mode; available for PC and Mac users.

No download and no installation are needed, only a very brief and simple single registration.

Players, who already have an existing account at Play65™, do not need to register again; they can access the web platform, by typing their password and user name, exactly as they do when they enter the installed software game, only faster.Play65's Instant Play is unique and extra fun when played in Virtual Money mode. The players get to play on virtual money (Virtual Coins) with high bids and long matches; subscribers can view their private statistics and games history, participate in special backgammon tournaments and country vs. country Leaderboards; and among other extraordinary features, may enjoy an innovative rating system and a new ranking ladder.

In order to make the login process simpler and faster, players have an option to create an Instant Play shortcut; a registered player should only click the Instant Play icon, login and start playing.

At the moment, the one and only thing a player cannot do through Instant Play is play money backgammon mode. For participating in real money backgammon matches, players still have to switch to the download backgammon version, although not for long...

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