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Click to play backgammon!

Click to Play Backgammon!

Backgammon school – what is it?

The Play65™ backgammon school lets you play backgammon online with a tutor, who rates your moves, corrects your mistakes, teaches you when to double and shows you the best moves for each turn of the backgammon game.

Backgammon school – why should you use it?

The Play65™ backgammon school can help you be a better backgammon player. With the Play65™ backgammon school, you can:

  • Improve your backgammon skills.
  • Learn the best moves.
  • Learn when to offer a double, accept doubles or resign.
  • Earn stars.
  • As a better player you can play and win money!
  • How to play in our backgammon school?

    Select the School tab in the lobby.
    Click the Join button to join a game.
    Accept the terms by clicking on V.

    Make a move:

    At the right side of the board you will see three numbers, and a My label.

    My – represents your move.

    1, 2, 3 – represent the best move, second best, and third best moves to play.

    The My label position, located on the right side, indicates your move position at the game.

    When your move is the best move, the My label appears on the best move button and a v sign appears beside the dice.


    When the Play65™ backgammon tutor knows you should double, it makes the .

    When you decide to double or when the tutor offers you a double, you will be notified of which action you should take.

    For additional information regarding playing backgammon online at Play65™ click here: Backgammon information