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Backgammon Game – The Basics

By I. Wakefield


I have enjoyed backgammon for over 20 years (I am now 38), I was introduced to it by an Albanian friend we would play for hours, in these early years I was convinced that there was a correct move for every dice combination as (The backgammon school would advocate), I now know this is not the case, backgammon is a game of risks, knowing when to take them and when not to.

Creating the Game

My strategy for winning (Rating 1720) bank balance £9500 begins before the game even starts. Load the game in your favour, You know you are a good player right! – we all win and we all lose, the secret is to lose small and win BIG!!!!! (Create a game so this is achievable).
Knowing that your ability is good by setting up multiple games of 5 or more statistically will increase your chances of winning the series.

Doubling Cube

Winning BIG can only be achieved by manipulation of opponents through the doubling cube, many lower ranked players suffer from an inferiority complex (They won’t resign-that would be an admission of failure), you must use this to your advantage – a smart player will resign when he knows his chances of winning are below average against an able opponent. Equally when doubling you must do so at a point when your opponent still believes he has a good chance to win.


Understanding probability will help to increase your chances of winning. So for example the most commonly thrown number either directly or indirectly is the 6 (17 out of 36 times).That’s nearly 50%,ever wonder why you get hit so often we you hit your opponents No 7 counter,it’s ‘probability’.
There is then a sliding probability factor from 5 down to 1 with 11 out of 36 throws likely to produce a 1. After 6 the odds reduce dramatically down to 6 out of 36 for throwing a 7 and even further in that beyond 9 no numbers have a probability of being thrown of over 3 out of 36.

And Finally…
To play backgammon online is a great way to learn and can be very entertaining, but I enjoy nothing more than sitting down with an old friend,the sun on our backs and a cold beer beside us mulling over the challenges of life and having a good old backgammon game.

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