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Backgammon for Money

Imagine the excitement and the pleasure felt by somebody while playing backgammon in the real world. Imagine you have these feelings now online, keeping in touch with players from all over the world and playing backgammon for money.

Nowadays you can play backgammon online for real money, or only for fun. If you decide to play online backgammon for real money, you may have the chance to win amazing prizes of thousands of dollars! you do have to practice, though, before puting your money at risk, since although the luck motive is not absent from backgammon, at the end of the day, having skill is more significant.

First, you have to load the backgammon download software from a secure site, and then you have to create a player account. In few minutes you will be ready to play backgammon online with thousands of persons from different countries.
In the case of backgammon for money, as it happens in the case of each interaction online, it is suggested to choose your games with the greatest precaution. In most cases, you may play freely at the beginning, in order to get familiarized with the backgammon software. Take your time and try to feel confident before beginning to play for money.

Be sure that the safety of the game is real. It is recommended not to choose a backgammon game, which is not supervised and assessed with adequate software, and in which your personal data is not safely protected. Before deciding the place where you will play online backgammon, it is also a good idea to check the existence of online help, in real time through a text messenger, an email or a telephone.

Backgammon Gambling – a misleading phrase

Backgammon for money is easy and friendly to operate; you can play for dollars per point or you can play a match for a certain sum of money; you can stick to small stakes or play for big bucks. No matter how you choose to play, do not make a mistake and confuse backgammon for money with backgammon gambling; luck is far from being the dominant factor in this game. You probably do not have the same odds of winning as your opponent, even before starting the game, just because of skill difference.

Play against players of your skill level and keep learning and practicing the special rules, counting techniques and strategies. If you become a strong backgammon player and decide to enter backgammon tournaments online, you will have the possibility to earn thousands of dollars. There are famous professional tournaments which are held each year. For example, in the year 2006, the first prize of a backgammon tournament was ,000. Backgammon is a legitimate sport, won first of all by skill; luck influence increases only when the difference between the competitors’ level decreases.

Besides, each winner of a qualification tournament will be offered a full welcome package, including the entrance taxes, the payment for accommodation in the hotel where the tournament is held, and money for the flight by plane.
Apart from the prize, which is cash, and apart from a draw organized in site, a retransmission live of certain key matches will be assured on backgammon servers, including the semifinals and the finals.

Your account may be fed through multiple payment modes. You can use an account through which you can extract your money in a way which is.After having the software loaded in less than a minute, you will receive a code in your email which will allow you to obtain free credits on your account.You are offered email support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition, when you play backgammon for money, you may use exciting rules like the Jacoby Rule. This rule encourages the player to get more points in a double game. Thanks to this rule, the game will be more dynamic, because the player doesn’t wait for gammon or backgammon, but he announces as double for quicker points.

One Last Thing:
Many online backgammon rooms offer all kind of bonuses (see Play65 Bonus for example), so be sure to check them up before starting to play backgammon for money.

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