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Tips and Tricks

  • The Settings feature is designed for the following:
    1. a) You can choose whether or not to highlight recommended moves by ticking on or off the Enable Highlighted Moves box.
      b) For real money backgammon players only: if you and your friend are trying to set up a game together, but cannot find each other, please tick off the Show Only Players Close to My Rating box.
      c) To switch all sound on or off, please use the Sound box.
  • For real money players only: the Game History feature is there for you to revise your past games. Just click it and it will automatically open the Saved Games folder on your hard drive. By default, all your games are being automatically saved. Note that after choosing the game and pressing OK, you will get a window with a list of the game moves and upon clicking on them, you can also see the moves on the game board (clicking on a move will show the previous move on the game board). If you wish to disable the Auto-Save option, you may do so by ticking off the Automatically Save All My Games box, which is located on the bottom of the aforementioned game moves window.
  • To move the checkers, either:
    1. a) Click on the checker with the right mouse key to move the lower dice value and with the left mouse key to move the higher dice value;


      b) Drag the checker to the desired location.
  • If you want to know the complete details about a certain tournament, you need to find that tournament by clicking the Sit and Go, Tournaments or Special Events tab and double click on its name (opens in a new window).
  • All our games are defined as public – this means anyone can watch them. However, if you do not want the watcher to be able to use the chat feature, all you need to do is tick the Mute Chat box, which is located on the left hand side of the game window, under Auto Rlil and Auto Bearoff. If you look at the game list and do not see the Watch button next to some games, it means that one of the players is experiencing technical difficulties at that moment. You cannot make a game private.
  • To start a backgammon game, you can either:
    1. a) Press Create a New Match (located underneath the game list) and define the backgammon game rules. Upon doing that, your name will appear in everyone else’s game lobby with a Join button to the left of it. You will see your own name there with a Leave button to the left of it – upon pressing that button you will be able to leave the list;


      b) Press Join to join an existing game with pre-defined rules. You may not change the rules without your opponent’s full consent.
  • If you need help with the game rules, you can press the F1 button or click Help (located on the bottom of the game lobby) and it will open a new Internet Explorer window with the Help section of our website.
  • Has your fun money balance just dropped to 0? It has not! You merely switched to real money play by accident. To fix this, click Switch to Fun Money (located in the lower right corner, just below Now Playing for Real Money). In any case, as soon as your fun money balance reaches the bottom limit of $5 or less, our system will automatically replenish it to $100.
  • We have many special events and backgammon tournaments here at Play65. For instance, our bi-monthly Grand Tournament has $50,000 in the prize pool! You can enroll either using the direct buy-in, which costs $175 and is available three hours prior to the event beginning – or signing up for a Sit and Go satellite event (costing you only $11.50), in which you can win that buy-in! For complete information, click on the Tournaments tab in our website.
  • To report abusive players during a game, please click Report Abuse (located in the upper right corner of the game window). Note that our customer support team may be busy handling previous requests, so it is not always possible to deal with abuse complaints at the same moment.
  • When creating a new game or agreeing to another player’s game terms, you have the option to choose Fast game (shorter timers). In such case, the game timer will start counting down from 1:30 minutes instead of 2:30 as in a normal game.
  • When you have mastered the game skill playing in our fun (virtual) money mode and earned $300, it is time to start playing for real! You will get notified about your specific time slot, within which you can get a free bonus upon making your first real money deposit.
  • Bring your friends to play backgammon online with us and get cash! For each friend, who registers for real money, we will give you a $20 bonus. For more information, please go to our Tell-A-Friend page
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  • After you have received our introductory $3 bonus, you will get the chance to win an additional bonus twice a day! It is called Happy Hour – just follow the instructions in the window, which will pop up at the right time and get a bonus for your first time deposit.