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Play65™ backgammon tournaments for this month

A backgammon tournament is a competition, which involves a relatively large number of backgammon players at the same time. Backgammon tournaments contain multiple matches, each involving a subset of competitors. The overall backgammon tournament winner will be determined based on the combined results of those individual matches.
The fixture of players is determined randomly and the prize is presented in the tournament information window and based on the players buy-in (after the commission is deducted).

Play65™ not only offers free backgammon download but also a variety of backgammon tournaments for any backgammon player, who wishes to play against several opponents at the same game table. Play65™’s daily or monthly backgammon tournaments include:

Backgammon Tournaments – Sit & Go

A Sit & Go Tournament is a backgammon tournament, in which the number of players, who can register to the game, is predefined. The tournament begins as soon as the quota of players is reached. Play65™’s Sit & Go tournaments include between 4 and 64 players and the registration is available at all time.

Backgammon Tournaments – Event

Play65™’s Event Tournaments begin on a predefined date and time. The more players sign up, the larger the prizes are as the tournament buy-in pays it. You can view when the tournament starts in the main list.The registration is available 120-180 minutes prior to the starting hour of the tournament.

Backgammon Tournaments – Swing

  • A Swing is a unique internet backgammon contest, in which all players start with an equal amount of chips and continue to play until one player remains who accumulated all the chips.
  • As long as a player has chips, he or she will continue playing in the tournament.
  • Players will be randomly matched against one another for a single game.
  • Each game will start with an initial sum involved as set in the current tournament CPP*.
  • When a game starts, if one of the players has less chips than the set CPP, the initial sum involved would be his entire chips, i.e. the player would be All-in.
  • The CPPwill be raised every few minutes in the tournament, but not during a single game, as shown in the tournament lobby.
  • The player’s rating will be modified at the end of each game.

    *Chips Per Point: the number of chips that each point of the game is worth. This value does not change in the middle of a game. If you won a regular game and the CPP was equal to 100 and the doubling cube was at 2, you win 200 chips. The same rules apply for gammon (x2) and backgammon (x3) winnings.

  • Backgammon satellite tournaments

    Backgammon satellite tournaments are backgammon tournaments in which the winner (or winners) receives a free entry to another backgammon tournament. Joining a backgammon satellite tournament has a great advantage – players can use the lower buy-in of the “Satellite Tournament” instead of the direct buy-in which is higher.The registration is available 120-180 minutes prior to the starting hour of the tournament.

    Backgammon knockout tournaments

    A backgammon knockout tournament is divided into successive rounds; each backgammon player plays in at most one fixture per round. The top-ranked backgammon players in each fixture progress to the next round. As rounds progress, the number of backgammon players and fixtures decreases, and the final round consists of just one fixture, the winner of which is the overall champion and registration is available at all time.